Steel Building Construction


Steel Building Renovation
Steel Building Renovation

Specializing in quality pre-engineered steel buildings

Established in 1977, Lehigh Valley Building Systems, Inc. provides general contracting services specializing in pre-engineered steel buildings and their components.  Our family owned and operated business focuses our efforts on price and quality throughout the steel building construction process.

Why choose Lehigh Valley Building Systems for your steel building?


Our multi-talented field group allows us to perform the majority of your construction project ‘in house’ saving you money and time.


Our diverse staff promotes our flexibility to meet our customer’s changing needs.


Our reputation speaks for itself. We have been providing quality steel buildings and renovations in and around the Lehigh Valley since 1977.


Lehigh Valley Building Systems employs a well-rounded and diverse field construction staff. Our multi-talented field group allows us to perform the majority of your steel building construction project ‘in house’. Company owned construction equipment helps keep our pricing competitive. Our excavation, material handling and man-lift equipment allows us flexibility to serve our customers in many areas. Excavators, Concrete workers, Steel Erectors, Roofing and Siding installers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders, Electricians, HVAC Technicians are all on staff with Lehigh Valley Building Systems.


Our diverse staff promotes our flexibility to meet our customer’s changing needs. We understand that our customer’s ideas and requirements may need a second look during building construction. The transformation from lines on paper to real live construction can be enlightening and require changes to meet customer requirements. Concepts that seemed great during the planning process sometimes just don’t work in real life. What sets us apart is our flexibility to handle these changing situations quickly and more easily than those who have to relay information through many before decisions and progress occurs.


Our diverse and highly experienced staff work hard and focus on customer satisfaction. It is very satisfying to be contacted by customers and other contractors who have gotten to know us better and understand our capabilities. “Call LVBS, I’ll bet they have someone who can handle that…”

Steel Building Construction