Steel Building Design and Permitting

Steel Building Design Services

Many steel building construction projects start with a hand drawn sketch on paper, and this begins the design process.

Lehigh Valley Building Systems has strong working relationships with site development engineers, structural engineers, MEP engineers, and architects. These professional consultants form a design team to develop a building that meets the required building codes for construction.

The terminology used by architects, engineers and contractors can be difficult to understand for someone unfamiliar with building construction.

Lehigh Valley Building Systems prides ourselves on our communication with our customers throughout the steel building design.

A explanation of the structural and architectural elements of the steel building helps a customer’s comfort level in what is sometimes a confusing process.



The Pennsylvania permitting process continues to evolve with each passing year and code upgrade.

From the often required ‘land development’ approval process all the way through to the sought after ‘certificate of occupancy’ there are times when owners feel like they are trying to hit a moving target.

Engineering and architectural services, which are required, can be expensive if outsourced, especially on smaller projects. Lehigh Valley Building Systems Inc.’s resources and experience offer owners confidence that there project is in good hands long before ground breaking ceremonies.

We offer drafting services required for permits and maintain close relationships with design professionals necessary to the permitting process.


Looking for a quality contractor to construct your steel building?

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Our multi-talented field group allows us to perform the majority of your construction project ‘in house’ saving you money and time.