Lepko Finishing

Lepko Finishing

Lepko Finishing Addition, Quakertown, PA

Lepko Finishing is a family run powder coating company in Quakertown, PA. In 2012 Lehigh Valley Building Systems was referred to the Lepko’s by another customer, Blue Mountain Machine in Lehighton, PA.

Lepko Finishing’s 2012 construction consisted of demolition of a small existing building to make way for a pre-engineered steel building to be constructed between two older masonry buildings. The design build process led to a post and beam roof over an existing building in order to eliminate undesirable snow drift and valley gutter situations. Horizontal furring and metal siding were used to cover old masonry walls and give the facility a new clean look.

In January of 2016 Lepko Finishing had an older building at their facility collapse under heavy snow. Fortunately, the Lepko’s reached out to Lehigh Valley Building Systems to build a 12,500 square foot facility in the spot where the building collapsed. An angled loading dock was added to the new design providing better logistics for the powder coating operation. Again, metal panels were utilized to cover older masonry walls to brighten and provide a more modern clean facility. Beautiful, modern restroom facilities were installed by LVBS carpenters in conjunction with the Lepko’s go-to plumbers and electricians.

Project Photos